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Everything Columbia Residents Need To Know About Dangerous Spiders


The majority of spiders in the Columbia area are harmless, even if they are a nuisance. However, this area does have some dangerous spiders that you should attempt to avoid. The team at Redefined Pest Solutions is ready to help if you discover spiders on your property. Should you notice any spiders that you believe could be dangerous, reach out to our team for professional spider control in Columbia, TN. We will put together a plan and give you tips you can use to keep them away.

What Types Of Spiders Live Around Columbia?

Several dozen different types of spiders live in Tennessee, and you could see almost any of them in the Columbia area. Some of the most common spiders you may see include:

  • American grass spider

  • Black widow

  • Brown recluse

  • Cellar spider

  • Common house spider

  • Daddy longlegs

  • Garden spider

  • Jumping spider

  • Orb-weaver spider

  • Wolf spider

Of these spiders in Tennessee, only the brown recluse and the black widow carry venom that could cause medically significant effects in humans, making them the most dangerous spiders you can see around Columbia. Other spiders are able to bite humans, but they do not carry potent enough venom to harm people, so their bites are not all that dangerous to us.

Recognizing the two dangerous spiders by sight helps you avoid them and lets you know when you should call our team at Redefined Pest Solutions. A brown recluse spider has a dark brown violin shape on the back of its light brown body. A black widow has a red hourglass-shaped marking on the underside of the abdomen, which stands out against the black body.

If you are unsure whether the spiders you are seeing are dangerous, reach out to our professionals. We’d rather inspect your spiders and find out that they are harmless than to have you risk a venomous bite because you were unsure of what you were seeing.

Just How Dangerous Can Spiders Be?

Because black widows and brown recluses are so small, they don’t deliver a lot of venom in each bite. These are dangerous spiders, but they’re unlikely to cause a fatality through a bite to a human.

Still, you could experience uncomfortable symptoms that may require medical care after a bite from a venomous spider, including:

  • Sharp pain

  • An itchy, red rash

  • Blisters

  • Headache

  • Fever and sweating

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Muscle spasms

If you begin having difficulty breathing after any spider bite, you could be experiencing a severe allergic reaction and should see immediate medical care.

Tips To Minimize Your Risk For Spider Bites In Columbia

If you see spiders near or inside your home, you should study them from a safe distance. If you are sure that you are seeing common, non-venomous spiders, you could attempt to remove them or trap them and carry them outdoors. However, you could suffer a bite during this process, as harmless spiders also can bite.

Rather than risking a bite, you may prefer to have us help you figure out how to get rid of spiders. Calling our pest control experts is the surest way to keep spiders away from your home and your family, greatly reducing any risk of a dangerous bite.

Got Spiders? Call Columbia's Spider Control Experts

If you have dangerous spiders, common house spiders, or some combination of them, the team at Redefined Pest Solutions is ready to help. Our Columbia home pest control team offers a satisfaction guarantee with our service. We also offer same-day services.

We have the experience you can trust. Whether you need to schedule us for a one-time treatment or you want us to return on a regular basis to ensure these pests stay away, we are ready to help.

Reach out to Redefined Pest Solutions today for a free inspection.

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