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What To Do About Rodents In Your Columbia Home


Homeowners are usually beside themselves when they have to confront Tennessee mice and rats, and understandably so. These animals are sneaky and frightening, and just when you think the problem is gone, several more pop up. Rodents procreate so quickly that infestations grow out of control in no time. Catching rodents is always a headache, as they scurry quickly and hide in places you can’t reach. Since it’s simple for them to get indoors, you need quality pest control in Columbia to keep them away. 

In their eagerness to eradicate rodents, people will hastily buy and use various over-the-counter control products. There will be a lot of trial and error, because store goods have many inadequacies. If you continue reading, you’ll learn about humane ways to get rid of mice and rats that are actually successful. Redefined Pest Solutions can bolster your efforts.

Identifying a Rodent Problem In Your Home

Mice and rats are arguably in homes more than other types of rodents. To tell the two apart, consider the size. Mice are about two to four inches long, while rats are usually 5 to 11 inches long. Some are even bigger than that at 15 inches. Otherwise, the features for both are essentially the same. These pests have spherical dark eyes and outward snouts. In relation to color, they are often gray, white, brown, or black. Their bellies may be a lighter shade. When rodents are present, so are these signs:

  • Audible scratching sounds from behind foundations 
  • Embedded footprints 
  • Chew marks on walls and numerous objects 
  • Scattered feces that are rod-like and dark 
  • Ongoing smells
  • Daytime appearances of rodents; they are nocturnal

Rodent populations are high in areas with copious greenery. Your residence is liable to be invaded if you live next to a grassy location and/or have a compromised foundation. These pests will enlarge structural holes with their teeth, or just crawl through them with their flexible bodies. Zones with low or no lighting will be attractive to mice and rats, especially if it’s damp or warm, so be cautious when going in the basement or attic. 

Rodents Can Cause Many Problems Around Your Home  

What makes house rodents destructive is that they bite on things to shave down their growing teeth. If the object happens to be a cord or pipe, there’s going to be expensive trouble. Mice and rats are known to cause electrical fires and plumbing faults. They also have a reputation for bringing about hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and salmonellosis. These pests harbor bacteria from the filthy places they wander in, and their fur holds parasites. Moreover, microbes are in their saliva, urine, and feces. It stands to reason that it doesn't take much for them to ruin food and taint surfaces. 

Why Traps Won't Get Rid Of The Entire Rodent Infestation

The average retail rodent trap can only capture one mouse or rat at a time. You’d never be able to stop an infestation at that rate, as these animals reproduce quickly. Another challenge with these items is that they have to be set in specific areas like a nesting hub. Specialists can identify such places efficiently and accurately and control rodent populations with products and methods only available to pest control professionals.

The Solution To Total Rodent Control For Your Home

Not only are commercial traps insufficient for rodents in Tennessee, over-the-counter pesticides are, too. On top of that, their components can be extremely toxic for domestic animals, greenery, and humans. At Redefined Pest Solutions, we have safe treatments that are more thorough. Our experienced team will use baseboard applications, baits, monitoring boards, perimeter barriers, and more. Follow-up services are available. Call today to schedule your free inspection!