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Rodent Control 101: What Every Columbia Homeowner Needs To Know


Having rodents in your home can be dangerous and destructive, but luckily for Columbia homeowners, there are ways to get them out and keep them out. Learn about the types of rodents that invade Columbia homes, the damage they cause and diseases they spread, and the ins and outs of how to keep rodents out of your home with the help of the Columbia pest control professionals at Redefined Pest Solutions. 

Common Types Of Rodents That Invade Columbia Homes

Rodents have pointed noses, furry bodies, beady eyes, and scaly tails. They are typically brown, gray, or black. Rats and mice are the most common rodents to invade homes. Mice can range from two to four inches long, while rats are around seven to nine inches; both have tails that generally double this length. 

While these rodents have their differences, both mice and rats cause similar types of damage and spread some of the same diseases. Mice are smaller and can fit through holes that are the size of a dime or cracks the width of a pencil, but even for as large as they are, rats only need a hole the size of a quarter. These pests are similar in many ways but you will hardly ever have an infestation of both types of rodents at the same time. 

Rodents Cause Property Damage And Spread Diseases

Rodents can cause significant damage to your Columbia home. Both mice and rats have incisors that never stop growing, so they constantly chew on things. There's a risk that comes when they begin to chew through electrical wiring and plastic coatings, leading to house fires. But that's not the only thing they chew. When you have a rodent infestation in your home, nothing is safe. Mice and rats will chew building materials, molding, cabinets, furniture, and personal belongings.

They also are notoriously known for their rapid breeding, so an infestation can rapidly increase if you don't seek help. Rodents cause emotional damage for homeowners, and for good reason. In addition to causing damage to your home, they can harm you and your loved one's health. Mice and rats carry pathogens that transmit disease to humans, including hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), tularemia, and salmonellosis. They can transmit these diseases through several routes, including exposure to infected rodent waste, such as feces, urine, and saliva, and from a bite from an infected rodent. Then there are the diseases that are spread by other pests rodents bring into your home, such as fleas and ticks.  

Four Practical Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around The House

The best approach to avoiding dealing with rodents in your home is to make sure they never get inside in the first place. Being proactive creates the opportunity for homeowners to have control over the situation. The following tips will help prevent rodents from ever entering your home: 

  1. Seal up your home. Make sure to use rodent proof material such as copper cause, screen wire, steel wool, or hardware cloth that can't be chewed through. 
  2. Clean up that yard. If rodents have nearby nesting spaces such as brush piles or overgrown areas, they are more likely to venture into your home
  3. Remove outdoor food sources. Practice cleanliness in and around your home. The less food that is available to rodents, the less likely they are to stick around. 
  4. Eliminate excess water. Rodents will also be on the lookout for a ready source of water. Fixing leaks and maintaining drainage systems can be important steps to keep rodents away. 

The best way, however, is to partner with pest control professionals, as we're used to dealing with rodent infestations and exterminating them from your home. 

The Most Effective Rodent Control For Columbia Homes

As a family-owned business, Redefined Pest Solutions knows how important it is to you to keep your family safe and healthy. We also know the threats that rodents introduce to your home. Let us provide you with the helpful and thorough services you need for a fully pest-free home. We go above and beyond for our customers and guarantee your satisfaction. Call today for your free inspection.

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